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  • Thank you Butartrip to bring us explore Lake Toba in a different way. Camping for 1 night in the jungle and having bbq at the night is really unforgettable.
    Jocelyn Gonzales
  • Thanks butartrip buat tournya selama di danau toba. You guys really helpfull. Mungkin next time ada baiknya butartrip buat itinerary ke Tarabunga untuk hunting sunset.
    Aditya Nugraha
  • Thank you butartrip for the tour in lake toba. It's long drive but we really enjoy it 🙂
  • Thank you ButarTrip for make our trip memorable. We have experience blend in with local people(Batak) and drink jungle juice in Doan's hometown. It really awesome!
    Joceline Brunette

Into The Wild

Lumban Toga
Into the Wild package is a program which encourages every traveler to unite with nature. We leave electricity, gadgets, and modern equipment behind to survive for three days. Travelers will use the nature resources combined with natural instinct to survive by doing some fishing, looking for fruit or vegetables around the site and sleep in the traditional house. This program will bring a new and unforgettable experience for every traveler.

”Into The Wild, encouraging you to unite with nature”

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Butartrip also offer flexibity for every traveler about the day trip and to custom the itinerary, so every packet purchase will be based on traveler desires.

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Butratrip provide the fittest price for every trip without ignore the comfortability and safety by insurance every trip and make the comfortability of travelers as priority.

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Butartrip Tour Guide are fluent in several languages, well experience in adventure, known by hospitality, which bring comfortable to travelers during the trip.

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